Carrie J. Sun
Carrie J. Sun
Senior Partner


Tel: +86 13911825033

Office: Beijing

Practice area

Cross-border and foreign-related dispute resolution; Commercial litigation and arbitration; English contract review and negotiation.


Carrie Sun has more than 14 years’ experience in the dispute resolution field, who is specialized in and good at handling major and complex commercial dispute cases and cross-border commercial disputes.


She represented clients in a number of international goods/equipment sales (distribution) contract disputes involving ironstone, coal and other bulk commodities, in the case of recognition and enforcement of a final judgment of the Hong Kong High Court in Beijing (concerning Zhang Lan and South Beauty), in the case of releasing the contract of transferring construction in process between a certain State-owned real estate enterprise and a certain foreign company, being the legal counsel for a certain SOE in ship field in the case of a tort litigation in Germany, in the case of overseas loan under domestic guarantee which involves main debt arbitration and preservative measures in litigation and mortgage realization of two foreign oil tankers, in the dispute over repurchasing shares with a Caymanian company and its two founders due to the company’s failure to list, represented a Chinese company exporting IQF products against a Swedish company in a CIETAC arbitration case, using English as the arbitration language, arising out of a contract dispute, represented a Chinese agricultural product exporting company in the dispute over the product quality issue with a Kosovo company, provided the legal service related to background investigation for a long-term re-cycled pulp business between a U.S. recycled pulp supply company and a certain Chinese listed paper company and other domestic companies, and represented a foreign party in the case of product liability dispute relating to a major power outrage accident in a certain province-level municipality. She has professional experience in handling cases including but not limited to international goods/equipment sales disputes, product and quality liability disputes, transfer of construction in process disputes, construction project disputes, VAM Agreement disputes, disputes over the duty of loyalty and diligence of company executives, financial loan agreement disputes, film investment disputes, corporate equity disputes, joint venture enterprise disputes, international distribution and agency disputes, land, and real estate transfer disputes, loan disputes, commercial lease disputes, storage disputes, exchange bill acceptance disputes, securities margin trading disputes, etc. Carrie Sun has devoted herself to the dispute resolution area for more than 10 years and understands profoundly the significance role of enforcement in fulfilling clients’ claims. In this regard, Carrie Sun not only aims to obtain the successful outcomes of cases, but also makes sufficient preparations and efforts in the pre-property preservation and enforcement stages of the cases to avoid the successful judgment (award) from ‘becoming a piece of paper’, which is highly praised by the clients.


In the field of cross-border dispute resolution, including but not limited to recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgments in China, overseas litigation, foreign-related commercial arbitration in English, and giving expert reports/opinions for overseas courts, Carrie Sun has an in-depth and profound understanding of different legal systems and cultures and is especially good at providing precise judgement and legal advice, which are highly praised by clients.



Carrie Sun has participated in the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Expert Consultation Seminar, and as a participating lawyer expert, delivered expert opinions on promoting the convergence of civil and commercial laws and judicial rules in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. In 2019, Carrie Sun led the team members to research further on the topic - BELT AND ROAD Investment Dispute Resolution Mechanism Research, and wrote the book entitled “‘Belt and Road’ Investment Dispute Settlement Mechanism and Case Studies', which was published by China Legal Publishing House and included in the 13th Five-Year Plan. In 2020 and in 2021, Carrie Sun was invited by the Institute of Law of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to write the annual report regarding 'Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards and Judgments in China' for the “the ‘Blue Book’ on the Rule of Law in PRC”. Carrie Sun is also the co-translator and co-editor, translated the Chinese version of THAC Arbitration Rules published in May 2018 and has written and published a number of articles on litigation, arbitration, English contract review, and private international law, such as “Chinese courts are not True 'court'? | The latest recognition and enforcement case in New Zealand related to a Chinese Judgment”, “Would it be against public interest when recognizing a judgment involving gambling debts in Macau? | See from The Latest Case”, “Recognition and enforcement of Hong Kong judgments in the Mainland”, “Would it be contrary to the public interest when doubling the interest on delayed performance debts? | See from the First Chinese Judgment which is fully recognized and enforced in New Zealand!”, “New Opportunities and Challenges for BIAC Investment Arbitration in the Context of 'Belt & Road' - A Brief Review of the 2019 BIAC Investment Arbitration Rules”, “Case of the Supreme People’s Court: Shall CISG prevail over the domestic law? How to determine the fundamental breach of the contract?”, “Summary of three important conditions, list of the counterexamples, and judicial view for incorporating arbitration clause of the charter party into a bill of lading”, “Dispute resolution in Belt & Road: Why eliminate the jurisdiction of Chinese court and two other cases”, etc.



Master’s degree in law, 2005-2007, Renmin University of China, Law School, Beijing, China

L.L.M., 2012-2014, Temple University, Beasley School of Law, Philadelphia, USA


Mandarin and English

Honors and Awards

Commissioner, Foreign Investment and International Trade Committee, Beijing Bar Association; Deputy-Secretary General, Special Committee on Foreign-related Legal Services, Haidian Bar Association, Beijing; Member of Chartered Arbitrator (MCIArb); Thailand Arbitration Center (THAC) Arbitrator; Nanjing Arbitration Commission Arbitrator; Changsha Arbitration Commission Arbitrator; Qingdao Arbitration Commission Arbitrator; Beihai International Arbitration Commission Arbitrator; Hainan International Arbitration Commission Arbitrator; Honored Researcher of Institute of Law of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Member of China Film and TV Industry Legal Talent Expert Pool; Member of WTO Law Research Institute of China Law Society; Listed in One Hundred Legal Talents Program of Beijing Law Society.