Corporate, M&A and Investment

W&H law firm has a long history of assisting companies of various sizes, as well as individual business owners in all phases of their China operations. We are committed to excellence in the practice of corporate affairs, equity investments and M&A.


Our corporate and M&A team consists of a number of attorneys and other professionals, most of whom have received their legal education at prestigious universities at home and abroad. We adhere to provide the high standards of legal service and deliver tailored legal advice to domestic and international clients.


Scope of Services

•     Corporate equity-structure modeling

•     Registration for corporate establishment and alteration

•     Corporate governance and corporate compliance solutions and implementation

•     Corporate amalgamation, separation, acquisition and reorganization

•     Corporate liquidation and dissolution

•     Risk management for corporate business and modules

•     Designing and optimizing transaction models

•     Conducting due diligence and drafting trading documents in M&A projects

•     Representing clients in relevant negotiations

•     Advising on governmental approvals, recordings, registrations in M&A projects

•     Assisting clients in business delivery and settlement in M&A projects

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