Rick B. Duan
Rick B. Duan
Attorney at Law


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Office: Shanxi

Practice area

Offshore Investment and capital raising especially in the US; civil litigation and arbitration; and business related including real estate/secured transaction, asset protection, trade, debt collection, bankruptcy, immigration by executives and managers, etc.


Inbound investment and related matters in the PRC, including JV incorporation, sophisticated business transactions such as project finance, EPC projects, financial leasing, unfair competition and anti-trust investigation; civil litigation and arbitration, etc.


Mr. Duan has been working at internationally famous law firms in the PRC and the US for almost 25 years, which enables him rich in professional experience and techniques and facilitates his representation of clients for their Sino-US and Sino-Foreign dual-track business transactions. He also holds executive positions at several transnational and domestic companies with excellent negotiation skills and expertise, and his continuously updating of investment and capital raising, trade, finance and taxation, foreign exchange, industries and sectors, micro-and macroeconomic and other economic matters helps him more expertly provide legal service for complicated commercial transactions, corporate operation and legal risk control.

Mr. Duan has paid much attention to the trends of new sectors in both China and overseas and relevant legal solutions and participated in some activities and business, such as fintech, blockchain finance, securitization, clean energy, cloud computing and big data, AI application online and offline business, and internet of things, etc.

Mr. Duan once worked as a lawyer at C&C Law Office under the CITIC, a firm pioneered rendering legal service for foreign related business transactions in the PRC.

Mr. Duan worked as an official at the Department of Finance, Trade and Foreign Affairs of the Legislative Bureau of the State Council of the PRC, where he reviewed drafted laws and regulations and participated in relevant research and investigations.


LL.M of SOAS, University of London

Master of Law, China University of Political Science and Law

Bachelor of Law, Hebei University


Mandarin and English


Acquisition of Beijing Bafuqin Food by a subsidiary of China Merchants Group;

Hong Kong listing of Xiongte Animal Husbandry;

Consulting on recapitalization of CITS;

Acquisition of stock of GSM of California by an individual via trust to obtain indirect holding of a domestic JV;

Consulting on construction of TV stations for Bangladesh by Aerospace Long March International and Radio and TV Research and Design Institute; and

Consulting on acquisition of coal mine of Bangladesh by Shandong Xinwen Mining Group.


Procurement of electricity storage equipment and technology of ThyssenKrupp for power produced by wind and solar system of Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd.;

Coal liquidation project between China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd and SRC, Inc.;

De Nora’s water purification equipment purchase sponsored by Hong Kong Water Supplies Department;

Import of environment protection equipment by Jiangsu Jurong, a listed company in Singapore;

Import of furnace equipment by Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical;

Import of desalination technology and equipment by Qingdao HyGain;and

Import of steel cutting equipment by Shandong Taifeng Steel.


Caustic soda plant EPC projects for Foshan Yalian Sugar, Gansu Rare Earth and Taishan Salt Chemistry;and

Consulting on EPC project in Mongolia by Inner Mongolia Electric Power Construction Group.


JV incorporation of Kimura Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. and Beijing Medicine Group to produce respirator;

Incorporation of SRC, Inc.’s wholly foreign held company to promote is coal cleaning technology and know-how;

JV incorporation of Daiso Co., Ltd. and Shandong Xinwen Mining Group; and

JV incorporation of Seishin Enterprise Co., Ltd. in China to produce powdered foods, etc.


Aerospace Communications Holdings Co., Ltd. vs. Beijing Datang for contract breach arbitration case;

Success Full Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. vs. Tiaxa Technology (Beijing) C., Ltd. arbitration;

Beijing Rishengda Construction Group vs. Changpin Baigezhuang real property dispute settlement case, and

Airborne of Canada vs. its Chinese partner’s IP violation case.

Honors and Awards

Lawyer of China

Member of California Bar (Inactive)