Linda H. Dong
Linda H. Dong


Tel: +86 18867631166

Office: Ningbo

Practice area

Criminal defense; Corporate.


Ms. Dong worked in grassroots procuratorial organs for many years, and has achieved personal third-class merits due to her outstanding work. She has received commendation awards, business clearance, and familiarity with the case handling process. Linda Dong is considered to be this kind of lawyer, who handle the case carefully, be responsible, and be able to accurately grasp the focus of the legal relationship of the case; be kind and able to establish good communication with the parties.

Being a lawyer, Ms. Dong has undertaken or participated in several large local influential criminal cases (including foreign-related criminal cases), and many of them have achieved better results with the revocation of public security organs, non-prosecution by procuratorial organs, and probation by the court.

In the field of corporate, Ms. Dong has provided perennial legal advisory services to many foreign trades and import and export companies in Ningbo. She is also familiar with import and export trade, logistics, real estate and other industries, has rich experience in business negotiation, and has more accumulated and practical experience in the field of tax law. She has provided front-end legal services for tax-related disputes for many companies.


Hunan University, LL.B.


Mandarin and English

Honors and Awards