Dengyong Tong
Dengyong Tong
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Maritime law, Marine Insurance


After his graduation from Zhejiang Ocean University (Bachelor of Marine Fishing)in July 1983, Mr. Tong Dengyong has been engaged for more than ten years in teaching and researching on ocean & fishing law, international shipping and maritime law in several institutions of higher learning such as Ningbo University, in the course of which he also advanced studies in the department of law of Dalian Maritime University, Shanghai Maritime University and Fudan University(LLM), and acted as a lawyer and arbitrator of Ningbo Arbitration Commission. In 2001, he established ZM & Co. (Maritime Law Firm in Zhejiang Province) and has been serving as the arbitrator of China Maritime Arbitration Commission from since.

Mr. Tong has represented many renowned companies both at home and abroad in the fields of port and shipping, insurance and finance, shipbuilding and ship repair etc., such as Cosco / China Shipping / PICC / P&I Clubs, China Ocean Fisheries Association and its subsidiaries, to name just a few, in dealing with relevant litigation, arbitration, commercial negotiation and amicable settlement, as from his practice as a maritime lawyer. It is noteworthy that 7 of the top 10 classic maritime cases published by Ningbo Maritime Court on its 10th anniversary of foundation was handled by Mr. Tong, and some have been taken as precedents provincially speaking or even domestically speaking. On strength of his own rich practice experience, Mr. Tong wrote many professional papers and articles that have won prizes for excellence or for advanced legal thoughts. Some have even been selected into state-level database, the Treasure House of Contemporary Thoughts in China, for example. 

Apart from practicing as a lawyer, Mr. Tong has also assumed many social posts, such as member of Admiralty Law Committee of China Maritime Law Association, member and secretary-general of Maritime Law Committee of All China Lawyers Association and member of navigation society, and has been invited for numerous times by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xiamen University and Dalian Maritime University etc. to give lectures on maritime law theory and practice.

In September 2012, Mr. Tong led the whole ZM & Co. team which is specialized in maritime and admiralty to join Beijing Dacheng (Ningbo) Law Firm together with other two local excellent firms and acted as the executive director of Dacheng Ningbo.

In October 2018,Mr. Tong led his team which is focus on maritime and admiralty field to join Beijing W&H (Ningbo) Law Firm and acted as the director of W&H Ningbo. He has been named the leading maritime lawyer in Eastern China by Chambers and Partners for four consecutive years (2013-2017). Accordingly, he will play a more positive and efficient role in developing the international shipping and local economy.


Zhejiang Ocean University (Bachelor of Marine Fishing)


Chinese, English


His representative cases include but not limited to:

Representing the P&I Club of the m/v “Harvest” in the collision accident with the m/v “Jin Hai Kun” that happened at Taizhou waters (involving the issues of oil pollution, salvage of the sunken vessel, limitation of liability and indemnity for loss of life);

Representing the Owner of the m/v “Zoorik” in the bunker oil leakage case arising from her running aground at Zhoushan waters;

Representing the Owner / P&I Club of the m/v “M. Kimitsu” in the contact accident with ZhoushanJintangBridge;

Representing Malaysian clients in the case concerning two ocean tugs (“Sealink Maju 4” and “Sealink Maju 5”) being wrongly arrested, which was finally settled in an amicable and satisfactory manner following the 1st and 2nd instances and the retrial by the SPC;

Representing four fishery companies located in Beijing, Ningbo and Zhoushan in arbitration proceedings commenced in London with regard to the dispute over a contract of affreightment for the m/v “Bereg Mechty” and raised counterclaim;

Representing the P&I Club of the m/v “Bitumen Express” in the contact accident with HangzhouBayBridge;

Representing the P&I Club of the m/v “MSC Christina” in the collision accident with the m/v “Hua Ling” (with the subject matter of both the principal action and the counter-action exceeding USD20 mil), to handle property and evidences preservation and do coordination work with the local MSA and port authority etc;

Representing a Zhoushan-located shipyard in the biggest oil pollution case in ZhejiangProvince arising from the m/v “Hyundai Independence” with the claim amount in excess of RMB100 mil;

Representing Ningbo Port Authority in the damage compensation case arising from the m/v “Express D” contacting the wharf and the container crane thereof, which with the support from the court was finally concluded in USD 5.25 mil;

Representing the pilot Yu Xiaohong in the influential damage compensation case with a huge claim amount for his injury and consequent disability while going aboard the m/v “Spring Trader”, which was finally concluded with a historical breakthrough, that is, successfully getting such a compensation as multiplying the maximum limit at RMB800,000 severalfold;

Handling litigant or non-litigant affairs for Ningbo Pacific Ocean Company, Zhejiang Bohai Shipyard, PCL under Singapore Kerry Group and Sealink Company in Malaysia etc. on disputes over shipbuilding, ship repairing, security, customs declaration;

Representing a famous shipping company in Singapore to successfully recognize and enforce arbitral awards made in London before Ningbo Maritime Court concerning a dispute over shipbuilding contact;

Representing China Fishery Mutual Insurance Association and the People's Government of Zhoushan to go to Japan to negotiate and handle the accidents of oil pollution, sunken wreck, personal injury and death resulted from the stranding of M/V “JINHAI”; and

Representing China Aquatic Products Zhoushan Marine Fisheries Corporation and etc. to apply for maritime arbitration in London related to the Charter Party disputes with the Russian shipowner RIMSCO and successfully obtained the settlement indemnity.

Honors and Awards

Leading maritime lawyer in Eastern China by Chambers and Partners for four consecutive years (2013-2017)

Director of W&H Admiralty and Maritime Professions Committee


Judicial Remedy of the International Seaman’s Right under the “Maritime Labor Convention, 2006” perspective

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