Peng Ren
Peng Ren


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Office: Beijing

Practice area

Criminal Defense, Litigation and Arbitration, Legal Counsel and Risk Management


Mr. Ren has been working at W&H Law Firm since 2015. He hosted and participated in a number of cases, the majority of which had a good result. What’s more, he served or assisted in serving as perennial legal counsel for dozens of companies, such as China Mobile Communications Group Design Institute Co., Ltd, Beijing Branch of China Tower Co., Ltd.


China University of Political Science and Law, Master of Laws

China University of Political Science and Law, Bachelor of Laws




The trouble-making incident case of Xing. (Result: probation)

The false invoicing case of Liu. (Result: non-prosecution)

The destruction of production and operation case of Jiao. (Result: bail pending trial)

Liu's case of smuggling precious animal products. (Result: probation)

Li's case of intentional injury. (Result: probation)

The illegal absorption of public deposits case of Jiang.

Peng’s case of fraud. (Result: bail pending trial)

The extortion case of Wu.

The drug trafficking case of Cheng.

The case of Chen forms or uses weird religious organizations to undermine the implementation of the laws.

The gift contract dispute case. (Acting on the plaintiff and winning the case)

The case of infringement liability dispute. (Acting on the plaintiff and winning the case)

The case of labor dispute arbitration case. (Acting defendant and success in labor arbitration stage, mediation settlement at first instance)

The case of private lending disputes. (Mediation to close the case)

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Employees of W&H Law Firm in 2017

Excellent Communist Party Member of W&H Law Firm in 2018