Alice Q. Ai
Alice Q. Ai


Tel: +86 10 18600595418

Office: Beijing

Practice area

Life Science and Healthcare, Medical Institutions &Corporate and M&A, Personal injury tort, Outbound Investment, Intellectual property


Ms. Ai has practiced law for 10 years and used to work six years in a well-known Medical institutions and healthcare.she has rich professional knowledge in clinical medicine and law and rich experience in medical law practice.

Ms. Ai focus on legal affairs in the field of medicine and health care,including but not limited to medical management and operation, risk prevention and control;Pharmaceutical enterprises invest in mergers and acquisitions, technology transfer, purchase and sales contracts, product quality, private placement financing;Risk assessment, prediction, prevention and reengineering of production value system of health and medical companies and medical institutions.


Bachelor of Clinical Medicine    College of medicine, Hunan normal University

Master of law      College of law, Hunan University 

Professional Associations

practicing lawyer of China

practicing physician of China


Mandarin and English


Individual clients:

Wang XX v. Beijing XX district hospital for postoperative death of gastric cancer

Liu XX sued Beijing XX district hospital for death due to delayed treatment of acute laryngeal


 Wu XX and wang XX v. the newborn death case of the hospital of XX district, Beijing

CAI XX v. death from ketoacidosis in XX district hospital, Beijing

Xiao XX sued XX hospital in qinhuangdao city, hebei province for death after ampullar cancer

Liu XX sued the hospital of XX district of Beijing for the asphyxia death of newborn during


Qian XX sued Beijing XX hospital for death due to allergic reaction to angiographic injection


Tang XX v. Beijing XX third hospital for delayed treatment of cerebral infarction and death of

the patient

Liu XX sued Beijing XX hospital for death due to acute laryngeal obstruction

Gao XX v. death dispute of intestinal perforation infection in Beijing XXX hospital

  Because the case is many, do not list one by one.


Corporate clients:

Yueykang pharmaceutical (Beijing) co. LTD

Beijing daxing medical biological base industrial park

Neriak pharmaceutical (China) co. LTD

Dupont chemical (China) co. LTD

Beijing robot industry technology co. LTD

Feng chuang technology (Beijing) development co. LTD

Beijing leduo Hong Kong investment co. LTD

Beijing hongjing landscape engineering co. LTD

Beijing ruiyi venture capital pharmaceutical co. LTD

Honors and Awards

Member of the Chinese Bar association

Member of China health law society

Member of the patient safety committee

Member of Beijing law society public welfare committee

China pharmaceutical enterprise management association legal work department expert lawyer

China university of political science and law net advanced training


Beijing municipal commission of health and construction

Supervision and administration of food and drug in Beijing

Beijing chaoyang district weijian committee

Beijing miyun district weijian committee

Beijing tongzhou district commission of health and construction

Beijing united family hospital

Beijing daxing district people's hospital

Beijing tongzhou district people's hospital