Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Dispute resolution has been one of our core practice areas throughout the development of W&H law firm. We have represented a number of domestic and overseas clients in commercial and cross-border litigation as well as arbitration cases, and also have helped our clients settling complex disputes through mediations and negotiations.


Our dispute resolution practice group consists of more than one hundred attorneys and professionals. All of our attorneys and professionals have graduated from prestigious universities in China and abroad. Our practice group has numbers of ex-judges with plenty of judicial trial experience, and some of our attorneys and professionals are simultaneously served as arbitrators in many renowned arbitration institutions. Our litigation attorneys hold extensive experience of appearing before courts at various levels as well as well-known arbitration tribunals, and have offered our clients in-depth understanding and advice in terms of the Chinese legal system and judicial practice.  


We provide comprehensive dispute resolution services in particular on international trade, corporate governance, corporate equity, domestic and cross-border investment and finance, real estate and construction, product liability, joint-venture partnership, bankruptcy and liquidation, and employment and labor law etc. We also provide our clients with strong support in the enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards domestically and in other jurisdictions.


Scope of Services

•    Designing dispute resolution strategies and policies

•    Providing legal analysis in connection with PRC substantive and procedural laws, providing a plan for the avoidance of disputes

•    Representing clients in pre-action negotiations, arbitrations, mediation and settlement discussions

•    Representing clients in civil and commercial litigations

•    Representing clients in employment related arbitration and litigation

•    Application for enforcement of court and arbitral decisions

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