Shipping & Maritime

Shipping & maritime becomes one of W&H’s outstanding practice areas since the leading legal team in this field joined W&H in 2018.


W&H’s shipping & maritime team includes more than 30 attorneys and other professionals, who graduated from top law schools at home and abroad. Our lawyers specialize in maritime law and practice and are proficient in multiple languages, including Chinese and English. We deliver a full range of professional services, tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs.


Based on our outstanding market contributions, legal expertise and depth of experience, our maritime attorneys are recognized as leading lawyers in the shipping and maritime practice in China by the Chambers Asia Pacific and the Asia Pacific Legal 500. W&H’s shipping & maritime team has efficiently and effectively represented our clients, at home or abroad, in cases with regard to extended affairs in maritime area.


Scope of Services

•    Maritime transportation for carriage of goods contract dispute

•    Applying for and executing maritime injunction

•    Dispute over loss, damage, and delay in delivery of the goods under B/L, waybill and etc

•    Applying for publicizing notice for assertion of maritime liens

•    Constituting a Limitation Fund for Maritime Claims Liability

•    Maritime Fraud, Maritime Administrative Acts and Maritime Criminal cases

•    Auction Sales of ships and goods on the broad

•    Maritime protection and indemnity contract dispute

•    Ship building and financing, ship financial lease, second-hand ship sales, ship mortgage and registration of ships

•    Carriage of dangerous goods, oil and other pollution damage

•    Comprehensive logistics, supply chain logistics, warehousing, storage, impawning supervision, pledge by warehouse receipts

•    Ships Agency, Freight Forwarder

•    Harbour operations, Development and construction of coastline and Sea Area Utilization

•    Air, rail, land transport and international intermodal transport

•    Claim of Sea collision or contact damage dispute

•    Maritime contract of employment of crew dispute

•    Sea Salvage and general average dispute

•    Legal services involved in Coastal Carriage

•    Maritime Claims Preservation, including maritime evidence preservation, ship arresting and etc.

•    Compliance review, risk assessment and etc. of maritime and ship-related enterprises

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